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Crop Load

We're a startup spun out of Cornell University. Our advanced camera systems & computer vision software gather precision data for the visible fruit on any tree.

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Now open for 2024 season pilots!

– Available for orchards all across the country

– Trial as many acres of any variety, priced by the acre

– Risk-mitigation guarantee


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Precisely thin, manage crop load, and assess with precision data.

We build cutting-edge cameras and computer vision software that get the data you need to manage crop load with precision.

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Manage Crop Load with Precision

Precision Data for Every Plant

Custom-built computer vision and AI software lets you “see”, size, and track the visible fruit on every tree.

Advanced Camera Systems

Over 10+ internal sensors. Patent-pending technology. Mount to any tractor or farm vehicle.

Unmatched Orchard Insights

Scan whenever and wherever you need. See your orchard's data for the fruit on every tree, hassle-free.

Our tech

Helps you gather valuable insights to improve crop yield and quality through precision management.

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